The move comes on the back of a live stream between Ver and HEX founder Richard Heart. As expected, Heart wasted no time in bashing bitcoin using the same tired old arguments about lack of adoption and mining dominance. HEX, for the uninitiated, is Heart’s project which describes itself as a blockchain certificate of deposit (CD). This term has already been refuted by legal … Read More

BitCherry Founder: Empower Traditional Business with Blockchain Can Make Difference

Blockchain technology is now the first choice for many large enterprises around the world. Although the traditional centralized data set has been continuously innovated over the years to achieve data warehouse and load balancing, while blockchain is still in its infancy and is not yet ready for the high speed of data processing we have got used to, the future trend is … Read More

User Instructions for CryptoTax Quickbooks plugin

1. Login screen located at: Login via “Connect to QuickBooks” Button Please use a QuickBooks ‘Sandbox’ account to login.Here are the steps to get a free QuickBooks Sandbox account: Sign up and login into the sandbox account: Once you login with the account, click on this link: Then you need to click on the Company name to … Read More