User Instructions for CryptoTax Quickbooks plugin

1. Login screen located at:

Login via “Connect to QuickBooks” Button

Please use a QuickBooks ‘Sandbox’ account to login.
Here are the steps to get a free QuickBooks Sandbox account:

2. Once logged in, you can see the below screen

In the optional area, you can record manual transactions if you choose.

You can add addresses for BTC, ETH and LTC wallets and you can store the transactions for USD, GBP and EUR currencies. Here are the options for the transactions:

Transaction: Purchase / Sale (default selected)

Transaction Type: Investment_Other (default selected)


When you select BTC,ETH,LTC, the Name field will be converted to address field and amount field will be disabled automatically. The balance of the wallet addresses are counted automatically and stored on plugin and Your QB account.

For GBP,USD and EUR currency, you can store the name, description and amount of the transaction.

Once you add any transactions, all the transactions stored will appear in the “Your Transactions” section mentioned in the above screenshot.

You can edit them from the “Edit” button.

3. Sync your CryptoTax profile into QuickBooks:

Login into your CryptoTax account via the “Login to CryptoTax” button, or register a new account.

You can login via both “Username and Email” of your cryptotax account.

Once logged in, you can see the below screen:

You can sync your whole profile to QB and plugin via “Click here to sync your CryptoTax.AI Profile ( Transaction, exchanges and Wallet addresses )” Button
Once you are done with the sync, you can see the synced transactions in “Your Transactions” section.

You can use the “Re-sync” button, if you have changed anything in your cryptotax account, it will be auto merged into the plugin and QB account.


You will need to enable the Multi currency from your QB account if you haven’t enabled it, below are the steps for enabling Multi Currency.

Please enable Multi-Currency in your QuickBooks account by going to Settings > Account and Settings > Advanced > Currency > Multicurrency: ON